“14. He was given authority, honor, and sovereignty over all the nations of the world, so that people of every race and nation and language would obey him. His rule is eternal—it will never end. His kingdom will never be destroyed…”

(Daniel 7:9-14)

shopping the day after thanksgiving is ridiculous. i have never understood what the big deal about it all is, but almost every year i have found myself in its midst. it never starts off on purpose, just as a day off with a few errands to run, and it isn’t until i am parking my car a good shuttle ride away from the door that i remember what is going on. glorious. now, i am a people watcher, and the best place – i am convinced – to do people watching is at the mall on this particular day. there are crowds of them. flocks. gaggles. herds. you see every sex, age, race, financial class, and education level at the mall. it is this leveled playing field of sorts. and we are all there because we need something…we need something that we can’t produce on our own. do you so where i am going with this?

this verse talks about the kingdom never ending. that means, that the kingdom is this constant as we speak churning around us. it is a living and breathing organism that is growing and changing and liberating and revealing. it didn’t stop; it continues. and the “it” that continues is this leveling of the playing field. this bringing all of creation back into line with the way the creator intended it to be…a leveled playing field of people who need something that they cannot produce on their own. a leveled playing field of all sorts of different types of people who are made in the image of the same creator with the same core need shared among them all…the love and redemption and restoration that the kingdom of god here and now can bring.

which moves me, and moves me forward a bit in my thinking. if here in our midst is the kingdom, and the kingdom brings a level playing field as it comes crashing into earth, and a level playing field means that people of every race and nation and language are unified in their creator….

then this begs the question…if there is any ounce of racism, or hatred, or loathing, or distrust for another people group, that is lurking somewhere inside of me… if this is the case a midst a present kingdom that calls for unification in our creator as it crashes into earth, then things are about to get incredibly uncomfortable. are we going to be uncomfortable bowing shoulder to shoulder with all of mankind before the king?