i have had a lot of guests since i moved to madison – and while this is a very awesome thing, it involves a lot of preparation.  my routine is something like this.  they night before, my loft gets an overhaul.  i am a dish washer loading, laundry doing, carpet vacuuming, furniture dusting, floor washing, kitchen cleaning, bathroom bleaching sort of super hero.  every ounce of dirt, dust, and disorganization needs to go.  why?  because someone is coming, and they deserve better.

this passage is just that, but on a bigger level…on a savior level.  no just someone, but the someone is coming.  and they deserve something pure and clean and like new.  the whole point of malachi, of john the baptist, of advent is this calling out to make yourself ready, because something big and beautiful and lovely is about to hit the scene. 

this process of “burning away the dross” was a process to separate the impurities of silver from true silver by fire.  it isn’t throwing it all out as a hopeless case, but is a refining.  it is taking time to spruce something up, to realize the need for that and the need for its restoration because something big and important is about to happen.  we do it all the time in our lives, but what are we doing to do it with our lives?

Malachi 3:1-4;