The Bible seems clear that those who enter the Kingdom through Christ have dual citizenship. They are citizens of this world, but also citizens of heaven. It also appears to be true that that the heavenly citizenship is much more important. It should impact every area of our lives. We live for a destiny we are already partially living.

Okay, let’s try to illustrate what I mean. When I went to Jamaica in 1993, I went as a citizen of the United States. Being in Jamaica for two weeks was very much a reality and my life was just as real there as it was at “home”. However, I never stopped being a citizen of the United States and how I acted impacted how Jamaicans viewed Americans. If I acted true to how a man named Robert felt about Americans–and it wasn’t favorable–he would have continued to believed something that I hoped wasn’t true. He needed to see something else. What that is isn’t important right now.

How citizens of heaven represent the King of heaven really matters. Some people who reject the grace of God are probably not rejecting God they are rejecting how they have seen God represented. I know a lot of people like this. My prayer is that we would be like Paul. We would represent Jesus so well, we would confidently encourage others to emulate us. I pray I
remember whenever I go and whatever I do, I represent the One who I gladly call King and Lord.

Philippians 3:17-4:1 (New Living Translation)