En Gedi is a real place, it is a waterfall – an oasis – in the middle of a dusty, dry Judean wilderness. This “En Gedi” is also meant to be a place of refreshment and encouragement for all those who discover it. This site will be the musings of a few people who are simply doing their best to discover who God is and how we are meant to relate to Him today. Each week there will be readings that will follow a lectionary calendar. The authors here are part of a Christian community that is forming on the Northside of Madison, Wisconsin. We desire to “discover together” what it means to live a life of faith in our “day to day”. We desire to honor God with our lives by learning how to love our creator with all our hearts and love others as Jesus has loved us. We welcome anyone who would like to join in the conversation as we “Discover. Together.”

Our Mission

To establish a network of life-changing, reproducing communities of Christ followers both locally and globally that impact their communities as they live out the Kingdom life.